Its that time again to get to know all the wonderful characters that make up the Capricorn Caves staff =)

This month the spotlight is on none other than Robert Augusteyn. You most likely wont see Robert when you come to the Caves, he is usually out the back either doing the accounts or solving IT issues!

Robert has spent most of his life growing up at the Caves & here is what he has to say ….


Football Team – Don’t really follow it

Food – Lasagne, Pizza, Burgers (They are all equal loves)

Drink – Love myself a cool glass of icy cola

TV – Wentworth, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones

Books – Comics

Music –   Anything except Jazz, most Opera and elevator music

Holiday – 2012 in the Canadian Rockies/Alaska

Subject – Computers


Short Bio

I was born and raised in Brisbane before moving to Rockhampton at the end of year 7. My parents bought the caves off the Olsen family. The next few years were pretty uncool (for a teenager like me) Because the property was pretty run down and my father had a lot of visions we spent the next few years improving the property. Because I didn’t like (I found it pointless) yard work I tried to hide behind a tree as much as I could. I finished year 12 and a year later got a job at a printing company. The company went bust and about a year later got myself a traineeship at the railways. I was called back a few times for special projects. It wasn’t till 1999 that I got myself a decent job as a gatekeeper at the landfill where I am still working today. (7 days a fortnight). When I’m not working there I help out at the Capricorn caves. I am responsible for payroll, accounts, keeping the computers running, picking up supplies, and manning the kiosk at times.


Now …. Tell us something that might surprise us about you! 

I’m a fun loving guy who loves the good things in life like playing video games whether it be on the PC or ps4, I am a huge movie buff. I love building LEGO models. I have a passion for all things Disney and have been to Disneyland a few times everywhere except Hong Kong and Singapore as well as a Disney cruise to Alaska. I did partake in tenpin bowling for about 15 years before giving it up