Capricorn Caves is committed to the conservation of the local environment. Our location encompasses some unique habitats, which includes a special type of dry rainforest called Semi-Evergreen Vine Thicket. This habitat is critical to the survival of many native flora and fauna, including the threatened cave fern and ghost bat. Unfortunately, due to the destructive forces of Cyclone Marcia in early 2015, and subsequent drought and bushfire events, a section of the dry rainforest was damaged on the northern side of the caves. One conservation project we are currently undertaking is the repair of this site. This requires the removal of the invasive Coral Berry weed and revegetation with endemic plant species.

Big jobs often require strong partnerships, and investment in resources. The Fitzroy Basin Association are supporting our conservation work through the 2021-2022 Community Grants program. Not only does this project involve improvements to infrastructure to help us preserve the habitat, it is also allowing us to promote this project as an educative experience. Our collaboration with schools gives students the chance to be included in genuine environmental education and action. It is our hope that through their service, these students being to develop lifelong skills for environmental stewardship, as well as a deep sense of pride in their accomplishments.

Recently three primary school groups visited Capricorn Caves and worked with Outdoor Education staff to weed a section of the damaged rainforest. Together they have already removed 150kg of weeds. The students also searched for seeds on native plants, potted them up in the greenhouse, and planted native saplings in a revegetation site that were donated by Livingstone Shire Council nursery.

Maybe you have a group of young people in mind who could join us in this project. Perhaps they have shown a keen interest in environmental advocacy and studying science in the future, or perhaps they are struggling to find satisfaction in their academic work and need a project to help build self-esteem and social skills. Maybe you have a whole cohort of students you would like to tackle an environmental project with and then build your classroom learning activities around the field work. You may like to be involved in the entire project from weeding through to planting, or perhaps you would prefer to select only some of these activities. We welcome young people with many abilities and will be assisting and encouraging to all our volunteers.`

For further information regarding this conservation project, and how to get your school or youth group involved, please contact Jillian at the Capricorn Caves


Recent groups massive haul of the Coral Berry weed.


Conservation of the areas around the Caves by irritating weeds.


Coral Berry weed