With the end of January marks the end of the Summer Solstice in the Caves


It was a wonderful 4 weeks with a high number of guests making the special trip to see this incredible event. There were guests that come every year and we had quite a few international guests stopping by also along with guests who just so happen to stop by at this special time


Guests were treated to seeing the guides light a ticket on fire using only the concentration of the sun beam, very impressive indeed!


We also had countless kisses in the sun beam which is folk law that it will result in eternal love


December 22nd marked the day the light beam was at its absolute strongest, with the Cave at maximum capacity with over 50 people attending and the jolly man in the red suit even stopping by unexpectedly and making all the children very happy


Channel 7 & 9 news also attended this amazing spectacle, helping creating a memorable experience for all that attended


Here is the channel 7 news piece posted to their Facebook