The Fossil Open Day 2018!


The Capricorn Caves fossil open day 2018 was a collaborative success!

An event of this size is no small achievement and requires a lot of preparation in the lead up to the day, especially if it is to run smoothly!

The staff at Capricorn caves are hugely invested in seeing the fossil open day a total success. The staff are passionate about what they do and this community open day is a wonderful opportunity to educate, and inspire in a fun and interactive way.

Each one of our collaborative partners, donated time, staff, and resources in attending the Fossil open day. Capricorn caves is humbled by the level of commitment and ongoing support from our partners. Some partners traveled thousands of kilometers and others were just around the corner, none the less, each and every partners contributions are valued




Queensland Museum


Scott Hucknull senior Palaeontologist along with Palaeontologist Rochelle Lawerence traveled from Brisbane with a display of extinct mega fauna. The Queensland museum provided the Fossil open day with an amazing display from its loans department, treating everyone who attended to this never before seen display in Central Queensland.

On the fossil open day Scott, Rochelle & a team of volunteer Palaeontologists from all over Austalia were busy identifying fossils of extinct animal finds by children in the dig pit, with a large portion of them being transported back to the Queensland museum for further research

A special mention goes to the following …

Rochelle Lawrence from Capricorn CavesQueensland Museum (Honorary)

Dr Scott Hocknull from Queensland MuseumThe University of Melbourne(Honorary), Capricorn Caves (Honorary)

Dr Liz Reed from The University of Adelaide

Dr Christy Hipsley from The University of MelbourneMelbourne Museum

Til Ramm from The University of Melbourne/ Melbourne Museum

Pictured left to right, Christy Hipsley, Scott Hocknull, Liz Reed, Ann Augusteyn, Til Ramm Rochelle Lawrence



Rocky Instincts


Rocky Instincts attended the Fossil open day and “wowed” children and adults alike with the traditional workshop displays. They had a beautiful selection of hand created items made from the natural environment.  There were also interactive walks through the dry rainforest, where Malaki showed guests some native fruits, poisonous trees and also a tree leaves that can be used as hand soap!



Little Aussie Encounters


Always a crowd favourite Little Aussie Encounters and the entourage of Australian native wildlife. Guests were invited to hold a Woma python and a baby fresh water crocodile.




4RO and their wonderful staff broadcasted live from the Caves on the Fossil open day! Always such a pleasure to host 4RO and such a wonderful opportunity to be interviewed. They also interviewed our collaborative partners Rocky Instincts, and Little Aussie Encounters.  Some lucky guests were invited on air to be interviewed too!



Professor Flint and the age of dinosaurs


Professor Flint, the singing Palaeontologist had all the crowd singing along to his favourite songs in no time! All the kids were up on their feet singing and dancing around and all the while not realizing they were learning about extinct mega fauna. Professor Flint is quite social and he also made his way up to the fossil dig site and spoke one on one to a lot of the guests about fossils


The Caves Rural Fire Brigade


The very first point of contact at the fossil open day would have been with one of the wonderful volunteers from the Caves rural fire brigade as they managed the car parking at the event, which is no small feat! The volunteers also spent the day behind the BBQ cooking up the sausages. The fossil open day went on to raise in excess of $2000 in sales of sausages for the Caves rural fire brigade



2 Faced Face Painting


2 faced face painting made all of our guests look the part with their faces painted like snakes, bats, and rainbows among other things! Some children even had stickers!


It is estimated that there was in excess of 3500 guests in attendance throughout the fossil open day, and overall a huge success with lots of happy children with their fossil finds! We have had a lot of very happy guests posting on social media thanking the Caves and all of our partners that they had a wonderful day, and that it is not like any other event or opportunity around!