10 Questions in 60 Seconds is our new blog series in which we interview a different staff member once a month.

This month its Emily Lydeamore-Walker.

Emily has worked at Capricorn Caves part time for over a year now as a tour guide.  Emily is also studying paramedical science & in her spare time volunteers at horse riding for the disabled in Rockhampton

Emily’s fast 10 are as follows …

Football Team – Don’t follow them
Food – Spag Bol
Drink – Max Brenner hot chocolate
Film – The Lion King
TV – The Blacklist
Book – Harry Potter
Music – Elton John
Holiday – England
Specialist Subject – Maths
Now …. Tell us something that might surprise us about you!

I have two Goldfish named Cosmo and Wanda and a snail named Timmy


Capricorn Caves Staff