If you’re feeling like it’s time for you… time to reconnect to the natural world… to reconnect to yourself…  we would like to offer you a chance to do exactly that.  

Capricorn Caves are hosting a retreat in July called Grounded.  During the 3-day retreat, you will spend your time taking part in mindful activities such as art, yoga and self-care. The retreat also gives you the opportunity to explore the wonderous environment of the caves and surrounding forest with planned activities and the freedom to forest bathe and get your bare feet in the dirt. 

Dr Alistair Melzer is an ecologist with a unique insight into the growing lack of relationship with the natural environment and will be joining us on our first evening as a guest speaker. 

Louise Mylrea of GIRT.SPA will be facilitating some self-love sessions at our Grounded retreat. “To be grounded is to feel safe, secure and present in who and where you are”  

Veronika Zeil is a local artist and will be guiding you through a workshop designed to encourage participants to think about their position in the world and how they can be empathetic to one-another, and other living beings that co-inhabit the planet.  

Sulekha Lock of Suprey Yoga Studio bases her practice of yoga on some core beliefs. Yoga is an exercise for our mind, body and soul. It is a way to connect with our true and deeper selves, learn and accept ourselves, and believe that we are enough. 

Amber Countryman of Capricorn Caves, former visual artist will bring you together in a weaving circle to mindfully create a vessel of nature, using non traditional techniques. 

As an exciting accompaniment to retreat, Capricorn Caves staff will guide you through activities designed to push you ever so slightly out of your comfort zone. These supported activities allow you to know yourself on a deeper level. Take part in the summit climb, abseiling and our Explorer Tour. 

Snuggle up around the camp fire of an evening with a hot choccy and your fellow retreaters, exchanging your daily self-discoveries. 

As part of the ticket price, Cap Caves will provide all meals and twin share lodge accommodation for three nights (option to swap for a powered site). There is also limited availability to upgrade yourself to cabin accommodation.  Maybe ask your friends to join you and make this an exceptionally memorable occasion. 

This is the first time a retreat such as this has been offered by Capricorn Caves, there are only 20 spots available at $450/person. Arrive 2pm Wednesday 6 July, depart by 10am Saturday 9 July.